Friday, July 23, 2010

Process: post #9

Right about here is where I start thanking God for making the world in color. God made color ... "and behold, it was good!"

Things are finally starting to come together as I finish up laying in local colors, and adding some detail in certain key areas. It's good to lay in all the local color before getting too caught up in one area, but taking the key elements a little further in the beginning allows them to kind of serve as thermometer for the rest of the painting. If you get the focal points to look as you want them to, you can then allow that to inform your color and value decisions about the rest of the image.

More to come ...


Gabby Zapata said...

hey there! I remember when you first showed us a glimpse of this in class one day! It looks great :) It's also nice to see you on here too! Hope all is well!

Jon di Venti said...

Thanks Gab. Hope you're having a good summer ... and getting your rest. You have a big year ahead. See ya soon!