Saturday, June 4, 2011

Process Post #11: Final

So, for this last phase of the painting I just jumped around from detail to detail making minor fixes, etc. I also went back into some of the important elements like the central pomegranate and punched up the saturation. I developed its form a bit so it would pop more than the rest. If you look closely you'll see that many of those focal points (Eve's face, the pomegranate, the passion flower, etc) have been pulled forward by laying in a slightly darker shadow around them so they have more contrast with the background. The shadows were applied with the New Simple Water digital watercolor brush, while most of the highlights and more saturated touches were done with the conte brush (Dull Conte 15).

Enjoy :)


Brittney Vines said...

This turned out really awesome! Great Job!

Victory said...

I love the Art Deco elements fused with your animation style. This is stunning!