Friday, July 23, 2010

Process: post #1

Okay, I started this blog over a year ago so it's probably time to start posting stuff, right? Well, let's start with this little step-by-step of an illustration I'm currently working on. It's not a commissioned project, just a personal piece I'm doing for myself, and for you :)

The above drawing started out as a little doodle of a woman's face that I did during class while the students were working. For some reason when I drew it I thought, "Eve" ... and so I decided to go with it. I later added the snake, tree, etc. The drawing was done digitally in Corel Painter.

After finishing the drawing I took it into Photoshop and turned the gray scale drawing to a sepia tone. The reason for this is that I intend to allow the line drawing to show through in the final image, and painting over gray tones tends to deaden the color.

I enjoy lines. Lines are good. I took the time to finesse the line work in this drawing so I want to approach the painting with that in mind, allowing the color to compliment the line work and not steal the show.

I thought the drawing was just about finished, but now that I've moved onto color I'm noticing some little flaws and inconsistencies that I'll go back and fix later (no major changes, just some line weight issues, etc.). I'll allow some of that imperfection to remain though, as I want the drawing to retain that natural feel and not become too sterile.

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